Incorporation: Setting up a Singapore Company

We provide fast and reliable incorporation services and take charge of all procedures required for incorporating a Limited Company such as obtaining approval of proposed name, preparation of Constitution, company registration documents, and submit them to ACRA for registration. 

After the incorporation, we will prepare and update the company registers and the minutes for the first directors’ meeting for the Company, our service team will help you to ensure that the company complies with the regulatory requirements and the annual compliance needs.

We also provide registration services for branch office of foreign company, representative office, sole-proprietorship, partnership and limited liability partnership (LLP)

Incorporation services with Free 1 Year Secretarial Services

We offer a cheap service package to incorporate company for new business, our fast and reliable services include the following:

  • Consultancy and guidance on matters regarding company formation 
  • New company name check and reservation
  • ACRA registration fee of $315 (included)
  • Incorporation services fee for preparing registration documents, company constitution
  • The Notice of  Incorporation and the Business Profile issued by ACRA
  • First board of directors’ resolution
  • Directors’ resolution to open bank account
  • Prepare and update Company Registers
  • Client advisory on Company Compliance Requirements
  • Free 1 year secretarial services

Benefits of Incorporating a company in Singapore

  • Limited liability
  • Protection of personal assets of directors and shareholders
  • Exemption of audit requirement for small company
  • Facilitates access to capital funding through the sale of shares to investors and borrowing from banks
  • Substantial tax saving as qualified new start-up companies are entitled to tax exemption scheme for their first 3 years of business 
  • Beside new start-up tax exemption scheme, all companies enjoy partial tax exemption 
  • From to time to time, the government may announce additional tax rebate to Singapore incorporated company
  • Shareholders of the Singapore incorporate company enjoy tax-exempted dividend and the dividend will not be taxed in the hand of shareholderschargeable 

Information about incorporating a company in Singapore

  • Submit new company name and descriptions of company principal activities 
  • At least one director must be a local resident (Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or EP/DP holder)
  • At least one shareholder (minimum paid-up capital of S$1.00)
  • The company secretary must be a local resident
  • A Singapore registered office address